Realme C25S Price and Features


Realme C25S is one of the latest handsets from the popular manufacturer Nokia. The handset was launched on 8th September, 20120. The phone comes with a generous 6.5-inch touchscreen screen with an attractive resolution of 720 x 1600 pixels and an astounding aspect ratio of 17:9. Realme C25S is powered by an Octa-core MediaTek Helio G 85 processors. realme c25s

Nokia has once again surprised everyone with its new release, the Realme C25S. This is probably one of the best cell phones with high definition clarity and ease of use. It is loaded with features including a complete suite of tools including a high definition camera, a complete tool kit including an image editor, a productivity manager and a music player. Along with all these powerful tools, the Realme C25S also offers a fingerprint sensor which makes it easier for the users to access the phone’s features.

The Realme C25S is enhanced with Nokia’s unique Boom technology that allows users to enjoy the high definition videos and images from their favorite media websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Pandora etc. with enhanced sound quality and a clearer text. The user can even view the same video repeatedly. The battery life of the Realme C25S is quite impressive and it lasts up to eight hours and forty minutes.

As far as the battery performance of the Realme C25S is concerned, it lasts up to seven hours and thirty minutes before it needs recharging. This amazing feature enables you to work without fear for hours on end. The Realme C25S also features a six second recording time in addition to allowing you to edit the videos easily. It is equipped with two high definition cameras which allow you to take the best possible pictures. The other amazing feature of the Realme C25S camera is its two inch twenty-five megapixel digital camcorder like lens.

The Realme C25S also comes with an easy to use and manage online management features which makes it extremely user friendly. The smartphone has a built-in MMS and Facebook Connect functionality which enables you to send images and videos to your friends in just one click of the mouse. You can also upload the images and videos on Facebook and share them with your family and loved ones instantly. The device also comes with an application called Grooveshark where you can search for music using a search engine. You can also find out about places around the world using the inbuilt mapping applications.

The Realme C25S has got some amazing features which make it an ideal smartphone for those working professionals who are always on the go. You can store many thousands of images in its built-in gallery and edit them as you please using the camera application. If you want to shoot professional looking videos then the high resolution camera and sound quality of the Realme C25S helps you make excellent videos which will amaze all your friends.

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